About Our Team

At Evon Ventures, we take special interest in working on our expertise and keeping a keen eye on improving the way we work and interact with our customers. We continuously engage with the reputed associates with proven track record who align with our philosophy of building great homes, for the satisfaction of you.

The journey has just started and there is a long way to go, a lot to build, and thousands of customers to be taken care. We are excited to build our each new project as if it’s the signature that will stand the test of time and be a symbol of vision, work, and prosperity. We are glad to stand by the Evon Ventures Signature


Meet Our Team

K.D. Dwarkeesh


Experience In Years
Finished Projects
Acres of Developed Layouts

What We Do

Over the Last Decade, Evon Ventures has developed over 10 Million Square feet of Projects development and is in the process of delivering 5 Million Square feet in the near future. Another 3 Million Square feet are at various stages of completion.

Our Mission
We provide the most professional, informative, loyal and dedicated service in the industry. The best interests of our clients will always come first and we will place the clients’ concerns ahead of our own in each and every transaction, as we are dedicated to the development of long-term client relationships! Our team-approach philosophy ensures your needs are important to each and every member of our organization. To establish & follow the best real estate practices that enhances customer’s confidence and Trust in us.
Our Vision
To create an environment in real estate where buying properties becomes easy and equally exciting by encouraging transparent transactions. Evon Ventures aims to deliver 5000 homes to happy families by 2021. We are working closely in this direction and each and every member in our team is dedicated towards this vision and aims to build happy homes at the highest numbers.
Our Advantages
Clear marketable titles with legal advice
Projects located in strategic location
Competitively pricing
Eco-friendly measures from start to finish.

Our Partners